Implementing the System

Designate your in-dealership “SureSale Specialist”

SureSale can serve you most effectively when there are one or more specific individual within the dealership who are named as the dealerships SureSale Specialist and can be the “go to” person dor communication with SureSale while ensuring the SureSale Certification process is followed.

The individual will choose inventory for certification qualification, be the primary point of contact for us and our inspectors, ensure all materials and keys are avaliable, and assist in getting vehicles ready to inspect and test drive.

The dealership SureSale Specialist
must be familiar with the SureSale Pre-Inspection Checklist

Selecting Inventory

SureSale enables a retailer to brand and market a much wider array of vehicle types than a typical OEM or admin CPO program. However, depending on factors like age, mileage, and vehicle class not every vehicle will qualify for certification.

Review the SureSale vehicle guidelines for exclusions and to understand the vehicle selection standards. Choosing the right vehicles save time, money, and frustration.

Once this is done you can identify and select inventory for SureSale certification.

Entering VIN’s & DeterminingEligibility

Now that you have reviewed and selected units that are eligible for SureSale Certification, your second step is to enter the VIN’s into the SureSale System.

After the VIN’s of your selected inventory have been input, the system will confirm elugibility and after confirmation will assign a “Pending Inspection” status to each unit.

SureSale Certified Inspection

Once a vehicle enters “Pending Inspection” status, we recognize the importance of getting your vehicle on the front line and ready for sale as soon as possible.

Your designated SureSale Specialist will receive prompt communication (call AND email) from the SureSale scheduling center where a member of our nationwide network of certified vehicle inspectors will be assigned to meet your used vehicle manager or other designated SureSale Specialist at a time and location where your selected inventory can be inspected.

Merchandising & Marketing

After the SureSale inpection of the vehicle has determined that it successfully qualified for certification, the vehicles status in our system will change from “Pending Inspection” status to “Certified”

At this point the dealerships designated SureSale Specialist is responsible for printing the systems generated marketing materials and merchandising the vehicle with SureSale point of sale items.

Limited Warranty

When the vehicle is sold, the dealerships SureSale Specialist needs to ensure that the SureSale 5-month, 5,000 Mile Limited Warranty is activated.

Activation requires the dealership to input basic customer information into the SureSale system to activate the coverage.

Claims & Cancellations

Our dealer partner should be familiar with the program guidelines and requirements to be prepared in the event of a limited warranty claim

Billing and Invoicing

The SureSale Specialist needs to ensure that are appropraite individual in the dealerships business ofce become familiar with the simple SureSale billing process and how the program works to ensure a smooth billing and collections process for your dealership.

It’s very important that this is done as soon as possible because your customer’s claims will not be paid until funds are received by SureSale

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